Ntp not updating system time

25-Sep-2017 05:51

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However, if you don't have a continuous Internet connection through a cable modem or DSL modem, the automatic synchronization might not always occur.

In that case, you can force an immediate synchronization by clicking the Update Now button on the Internet Time tab in Date and Time in Control Panel.

First off: I use arch now more than a year on a raspberry and I love it!

I've decided to put my root to a usb flash drive and boot my pi from that, because on my SD, arch got corrupted every week...

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Whether it's making sure logs are recorded in the right order or database updates are applied correctly, out-of-sync time can cause errors, data corruption, and other hard to debug issues.If it fails, it may be for one of the following reasons: Your personal or network firewall prevents clock synchronization.Most corporate and organizational firewalls will block time synchronization, as do some personal firewalls.Consistently using Universal Time reduces confusion when your infrastructure spans multiple time zones. Your output will be slightly different, but should list the default Ubuntu pool servers plus a few others.

If you have different requirements and need to change the time zone, you can use the The time zone abbreviation should reflect the newly chosen value. Bear in mind that it can take a few minutes for ntpd to establish connections.

We'll see differences between hardware clock and system clock # With the default settings below, ntpd will only synchronize your clock.

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