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The Macedonian , Andriscus, and the Fourth Macedonian War.

Defining a Dynasty: Consolidation of Ptolemic Power in Egypt. First Paper Session Waterloo C Section D: Attic Rhetoric Michael Gagarin (University of Texas, Austin), presider 1.

Executive Committee Dinner Meeting The Terrace – p.m. Opening Evening Featured Panel Waterloo BC Sponsored by the Women’s Classical Caucus Featured Opening Evening Panel: Grace Harriet Macurdy (1866-1946) and her Impact on the Study of Women's History Elizabeth Carney (Clemson University), organizer Ann R.

Consulares’ Reception (all welcome) Waterloo A - p.m. Assessing and Continuing the Contributions of Grace Harriet Macurdy, Pioneering Feminist Scholar: Barbara Mc Manus’ .

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Tanya Pasternack, (Bilateral Salpingectomy/Tubal Ligation, Essure, IUDs, & Endometrial Ablation) (907) 222-9930 Gilbert: Dr. Lin, Sunrise Urology (Vasectomy) Had a vasectomy at 18 years old. Smith never once tried to talk me out of it; she just went over the risks with me and then scheduled me for the end of the month. Women's sterilization, especially tubal ligation using cauterization. I explained that this was for me and that I never wanted an unwanted pregnancy, and that was the end of it. No waiting period between consultation and procedure.

Grace Harriet Macurdy and 'Woman Power' in Argead Macedonia: Eurydice, Mother of Philip II. ​From Feminism to Orientalism: Grace Harriet Macurdy on Cleopatra and Antony.

The Pausanias Problem at the Temple of Apollo in Corinth. Visual Images of the Pythia at Delphi: A Priestess at Work. The Ties that Bind: Women and Tomb Ritual in Classical Athens.

Chip Garrard, Physicians for Women (Tubal Ligation) Montgomery: Dr.

Jason Moellinger (Vasectomy) Huntsville/Decatur: Dr. Mc Nair/Alma Mater DEDICATION 10 RECOGNITION 11 MAIL CENTER STAFF 12-13 STUDENT LIFE 14-15 CHANCELLOR 16-17 STUDENT LIFE 18-22 SCHOOL DEANS 23 SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE ...

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