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19-Dec-2017 00:57

The Prime Minister interrupted and said: “There’s boy jobs and girl jobs.” Mr May added: “I do the traditional boy jobs, by and large.” Scottish Labour leader, Kezia Dugdale, responded via twitter saying: “Seconds in to The One Show, the Prime Minister tells the country there are “boy jobs and girl jobs” at home - I despair”. Save yourselves and do the same.” Later Mr and Mrs May carried on with the gender division of labour theme praising her culinary skills.She later said she had switched off and urged others to follow suit. She said she has a “lot of cookery books” at Number ten after her husband said she was a very good cook.

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In the public discourse, online dating is often seen as a unique phenomenon, distinctly different from traditional or ‘normal’ ways of finding one’s partner.She also managed to squeeze in her campaign slogan “strong and stable” and “give me a mandate” for the Brexit negotiations.