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25-Nov-2017 00:40

Rhonda Charmaine Kelly was sentenced Monday to eight months house arrest followed by another four months of abiding by a curfew.She was also ordered to repay the province ,400 in restitution and is not to occupy any employment or service where control over public funds or government money is involved.“We then used the concentrations of three noble gas isotopes Ar produced by cosmic rays at the Martian surface to determine how long the sample had been exposed on the surface of Mars.” Analyses of data unveiled that the estimated age of the Cumberland rock was between 3.86 billion to 4.56 billion years, and that it had been exposed to the Martian surface for 60 million to 100 million years.“Sixty to 100 million years of exposure for the sample is very recent for that site, suggesting that active geological processes have removed the shielding layers above the rock in the recent past,” Professor Vasconcelos said.

In 2013, Pricewaterhouse Cooper was hired by the province to conduct the forensic audit.

In a collaborative effort arising from a successful 2005 Australian Research Council grant, Professor Vasconcelos and Professor Ken Farley of Caltech (USA) had combined methodologies for simultaneously dating rocks and measuring their exposure ages while working on several Australian and Brazilian sites.

“To measure noble gas isotopes for geochronology on Earth, we had used large high-resolution sector mass spectrometers,” Professor Vasconcelos said.

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